COVID-19: 8/11/2020 Update

It’s a new day and a great day for beginnings. I was pleased to tell the story this morning of a new business opening in the downtown area. Lauren’s inspirational spirit during a difficult time was good for me to hear. Despite obstacles, whether international in scope or very personal, we all have the opportunity […]

COVID-19: 8/10/2020 Update (Including the Health Department Briefing)

I hope you each had some happy time this weekend. We enjoyed some fresh Alabama gulf shrimp on the grill, thanks to Hen Hoc. This means so much to us. The Alabama gulf coast was home and we miss it. To have a little taste of that and to teach Urban Girl the fine art […]

COVID-19: 8/7/2020 Update (Including Health Department Briefing)

It’s Friday and I hope you all find a way to make your weekend a good one. We’re all stressed, worried, frustrated or some combination of each of those. It’s easy right now for that toxic stew to brew until it bubbles over. I know my patience is wearing more thin. Support each other. Be […]

COVID-19: 8.6.2020 Update

It is a measure of how things have changed that I “attend” meetings like the Board of Health meeting last night from the comfort of my home, with a five and eleven-year-old underfoot. The biggest measure of the shift may be that I celebrated that last night’s meeting was “only” two hours and fifteen minutes! […]

Knox County Board of Health Hosts Public Forum and Re-Opens Bars

After opening the meeting, the public forum began, with speakers and Mayor Jacobs joining from the City County Building. Thirteen people were present and he requested that they all be able to speak, even though that exceeded the 30 minutes. He made it clear there should be no profanity and no attack on the Board […]