Club LeConte Announces Closure After More Than 40 Years

The following notice was sent to Club LeConte members early Friday evening. The club will close its doors October 16 and hopes to be able to relocate. Sitting atop the First Tennessee Plaza Building, the club has served as a meeting place for some of the best known Knoxvillians for decades. Founded in 1979 by […]

COVID-19: 9/25/2020 Update (Including Today’s UT Briefing)

Happy Friday. I realized the week was wearing me down yesterday morning when I stumbled into the kitchen at 6:30 am to find 5-year-old Urban Boy ready for the day. He said something in rapid order that sounded to me like, “Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Mergenpoop!” (No idea.) To which I replied, “Mojo […]

Statement of Support for the Board of Health Issued by Local Business Owners

In an apparent response to the pressures put on the Knox County Board of Health, a group of about 60 business leaders issued a statement of support to the group. They called for the County Commission to leave the composition and role of the board as it is. (Ed. At the request of readers I’ve […]

A Stroll Through the Pandemic Arts

The pandemic has been especially hard on the arts. Performing artists can’t perform, movie theaters are empty. Music and books are released without the normal fanfare and are in danger of not being noticed until their moment has passed. For those of us who love the arts, its a source of substantial sadness. Knoxville, it […]

COVID-19: 9/24/2020 Update (Including Today’s Health Department Briefing)

We disagree. That is human. We express our very different opinions. That is our wonderful gift as free people in America. We discuss our differences. That’s how we grow, if we listen. But then we attack and demonize those with whom we disagree. Telling someone who disagrees with you that they are evil, ignorant, blind […]