COVID-19: 4/6/2020 Updates (Including Today’s Health Department Briefing)

I hope everyone had a chance to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather we had over the weekend. Spring is springing no matter what is going on with the humans, and it is beautiful, as always. As a bonus, West Knoxville got to see a double rainbow yesterday, and in Downtown we had a […]

Photos from Downtown in the Time of the Coronavirus

I continue to take long walks around the city during the current shutdown. It’s mostly quiet and a bit eerie. Spring is coming in hard on the downtown blocks. People scurry about, keeping six feet apart and inexplicably avoiding eye contact. We’ve become skittish about chance encounters. It’s a different kind of city. As much […]

COVID-19: 4/3/2020 Updates (Including Today’s Briefing from the Governor)

Today is Tennessee’s first day under the new Stay at Home order. The order was issued by Governor Lee yesterday evening and carries criminal charges for those found in violation. Consultations are currently underway to determine how enforcement will be carried out. The Governor also called a 12:30 press briefing, prompting our local Knox County […]

COVID-19: Stay at Home Order Issued, Drive Through Testing Starts in Knox County and More

Too much is happening to cram into the afternoon summary article, so this morning let’s take a look at a major development and a major event happening today and tomorrow. Yesterday, Governor Lee issued Executive Order Number 23, which was an amendment of Executive Order 22, simply replacing one paragraph of the previous order. More […]

COVID-19: 4/2/2020 Updates (Including Today’s Health Department Briefing)

I hope this afternoon finds each of you safe and secure. These are strange times, of course, and they are hard for many. We’ve always known we should be thankful for family, shelter ,and food, but that means a little bit more right now. Please be aware of those who are struggling for any of […]