COVID-19: 7/14/2020 Update

As we move through our week, there’s a lot going on. Big meetings loom tomorrow, with the School Board and the Board of Health each facing difficult decisions that will potentially impact us all. On a personal level, many people are faced with difficult decisions as unemployment begins to run out, businesses appear safe to […]

New Option for Restaurants and New Art for the City

I’ve intended for three or four months to start a series about potential long-term changes which may come out of the necessity of our current pandemic. For the most part, trends that were already in place and that fit with safety during the pandemic, are more likely to stay. Large department stores were already in […]

COVID-19: 7/13/2020 Update (Plus Health Department Briefing)

Welcome to another week. I hope you each had a chance to get away from the news for a bit. There’s been a lot to absorb for a long time and it looks to keep coming at a rapid pace. Hang tight, support each other and we’ll get through this to the other side. International […]

Construction Updates Around Downtown

Time seems to be moving more quickly over the last few months than I might have expected. One month quickly blends into the next, or so it seems. I realized I hadn’t posted any photographs of the major downtown construction projects since February. In those five months, good progress has been made on several projects. […]

Downtown Knoxville Ten Day Planner (7/12-7/21/2020)

As events are opening up, we’re listing a combination of virtual and live events. The rules are the same – if you want your event included, please make a Facebook event, invite me (Alan Sims – you’ll have to friend me) and it will be included. I need enough lead time that the list can […]