Ten Day Planner

The Nail Room, 119 South Gay Street, Knoxville, March 2020

Given the current situation with the COVID-19 virus, closures are being announced daily. Please verify the following listings before making plans to attend any events.


If you want to be certain your event is included on this calendar, I’ll need your event two weeks in advance. The absolute best way to make sure I include your event is to make a FB event and invite me – two weeks in advance. My FB “events” are the one place I’ll go to every time – if you invite me before I write the post.

If you see an event I’ve missed and you’d like to plug, please comment below. I am no longer able to add to the list events about which I was not informed in advance – it’s just gotten too big, and that’s a good thing. Staying true to the scope of the blog, I’ll only list downtown or near-downtown events. Any number of venues outside of downtown have some great events, but I have to draw a line somewhere. If you want to add those in a comment, that’s fine. Please “Friend” me (Alan Sims) on Facebook and invite me to your events. Look over to the right of this post and not only “friend” me, but “like” Inside of Knoxville. Subscribe (also to the right) to make sure you catch all the posts.

Want to get the word out more directly and get more eyes on your event or business? Consider placing a front page ad! For $600 (or $900 for an ad twice as large) you get a full month exposure with around 80,000 views. Contact me for details @ KnoxvilleUrbanGuy@gmail.com.

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Sunday, March 15


Monday, March 16 


Tuesday, March 17

Future Location of Nature’s Crossing Health and Beauty, 7 Market Square, Knoxville, March 2020

Wednesday, March 18


Thursday, March 19

Friday, March 20


Saturday, March 21

Mardi Growl, Knoxville, March 2020

Sunday, March 22


Monday, March 23 


Tuesday, March 24