Knox County Board of Health Meeting 11/10/2020

All members were present and were joined by David Sanders from the county law office. Three people signed up for the public forum: Sherry Garret said she was a nurse for 30 years and has done the math and that very little capacity for hospital beds, ICU and ventilators is being used by COVID-19 patients. […]

COVID-19: 11/9/2020 Update (International, National, State, Local, UTK and KCS)

I hope your weekend was a safe and happy one. It was certainly interesting as the AP called the presidential election, President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris made speeches, and President Trump continued to claim election fraud and refuse to accept the results. It makes for an interesting week or weeks ahead. I hope they […]

COVID-19: 11/6/2020 Update (State, Local, UTK and KCS News)

We made it to Friday through an incredibly stressful week for many of us. Whether your stress came from watching election coverage or watching COVID-19 numbers repeatedly top 100,000 new cases a day in the country, it was definitely a hard week to be chill and it’s not likely to get easier this weekend on […]

COVID-19: 11.5.2020 Update (State, Local, UTK, KCS, Including Today’s Health Department Briefing)

Well, a weird year just won’t quit, right? This appears to be as close a presidential election as we’ve ever seen as far as individual states deciding the electoral college are concerned. I know we’re all watching it and anxiety is high. That said, it is important not to behave as if this is the […]

COVID-19: 11/4/2020 Update (State, Local, UTK, KCS)

Good afternoon. Incredibly, a raging pandemic isn’t the primary topic of conversation across the country this morning. That would be the election, of course. I didn’t get everything I wanted and, I suspect, not many of us did. Clearly, we are an extremely divided nation, and the lines are hard. On the great side, a […]