COVID-19: 10/26/2020 Update (International, National, State, Local, UTK and KCS)

I hope you found some time to enjoy yourself this weekend. I introduced the Urban Kids to “Groundhog Day” at the encouragement of a reader. They liked it, though the five-year-old questioned why Bill Murry and the lady “wrestled” with each other. Oops. We enjoyed some college football, outside visits with family and generally just […]

COVID-19: 10/12/2020 Update (Including International, National, State and Local News)

I hope you enjoyed a quiet weekend with the rain outside and football or a quiet book inside. Rainy fall weekends are among our favorites. We completed the Bill and Ted trilogy with the Urban children and I must say, “Face the Music” was most excellent. To me, it was better than the original – […]

COVID-19: 10/8/2020 Update (Including Today’s Health Department Briefing)

Hello Thursday. Could I have an hour-and-a-half of my life back from last night? Or one direct answer to a question? Could the election just be over? Ah, we want time to hurry and slow down. Urban Boy had a revelation he shared at breakfast this morning: “Sometimes when you think Friday is the day […]

COVID-19: 10/1/2020 Update (Including State, Local, UTK, KCS and Health Department Briefing)

Good Thursday afternoon. I hope you checked out the beautiful moon last night and the gorgeous sunrise over the city. It’s October, the air is crisp and there is much to celebrate if we take a moment to find it. I’m celebrating a two hour Board of Health meeting last night after the eight hour […]

COVID-19: 8/25/2020 Update (Including the Health Department and UTK Briefings)

How did the first day of virtual and in-person classes go? We’re doing OK, so far, at the Urban Academy. Thankfully, we’ve got a semi-autonomous sixth grader to go with our dependent Kindergartner.  The technology learning curve is steep for everyone: parents, grandparents, students and teachers. UT is also back in full force and taking […]