COVID-19: 7/10/2020 Update (Including Today’s Health Department Briefing)

Welcome to the weekend. I wish the news was better. Please spend some time taking care of yourself and your family. I hope you find some joy and rest. Please do so safely. International News: There are currently 12,434,907 confirmed and reported cases of COVID-19 across the world and 558,416. Yesterday an additional 223,230 cases […]

COVID-19: 7/9/2020 Update

As the country, state and county continue to hit new levels of infection numbers, attention continues to be focused on both the illness and attempting to navigate normal life. Many businesses remain frozen in place or diminished and school opening dates are looming. While early in the pandemic we discussed economics and health as it […]

COVID-19: 7/6/2020 Update (Including Today’s Health Department Briefing)

I hope each of you had a wonderful weekend with some time with people you love. For those who had to remain apart from family, it was difficult, no doubt. The highlight for us was watching fireworks from the balcony of our home. I know not everyone is a fan, particularly dog owners. I haven’t […]

COVID-19: 7/2/2020 Update

The announcement that masks are now required inside buildings in Knox County has certainly dominated today’s local news. Predictably, it has drawn diametrically opposed reactions ranging from relief at an overdue simple action, to outrage at the infringement on our constitutional rights. With the rate of infection we are seeing, the Board of Health felt […]

COVID-19: 6/26/2020 Update (Including Health Department Briefing)

Welcome to Friday. Weeks that seemed long to me when all this first began are now clipping by. Next week is July and we head into the heart of summer. It’s a great time to hit a trail, get out on the water or take a long bike ride. Just keep your distance this weekend, […]