COVID-19: 9/28/2020 Update (Including International, National, Local, KCS and UTK)

I hope you all had a great first weekend of fall. I hope all your teams won and you were able to chill. Mostly, I hope you were able to get away from the news and lower the stress a bit. It’s important. That and staying well. Please stay well. International News: 33,360,594 people across […]

COVID-19: 9/24/2020 Update (Including Today’s Health Department Briefing)

We disagree. That is human. We express our very different opinions. That is our wonderful gift as free people in America. We discuss our differences. That’s how we grow, if we listen. But then we attack and demonize those with whom we disagree. Telling someone who disagrees with you that they are evil, ignorant, blind […]

COVID-19: 9.23.2020 Update

It’s Wednesday. That means we’re mid-week in game week for college football. How many games will get played? We’ll soon know. It’s also Knox County Board of Health meeting day and tonight promises to be fascinating as the pressure mounts on the board to get us out of this mess and leave us alone all […]

COVID-19: 9/22/2020 Update (Including UTK and Health Department Briefing)

I’m thankful for my downtown neighborhood during the pandemic. It’s a great place to walk and enjoy the crisp air. The density and the fact that we’re moving around on foot ensures that there will be (distanced and masked) conversations on the street with people we cherish. Clearly, for now, it’s not like it was […]

COVID-19: 9/21/2020 Update (Including International, National, State, Local, UTK and KCS News)

Welcome to the week in which we officially welcome Autumn. Cool air slipped in early and S.E.C. football seems dangerously close to actually happening after months of guesses and second guesses. It could almost seem normal if the world and the country wasn’t in such turmoil. We have no choice but to grieve for the […]