Construction Updates Around Downtown

Time seems to be moving more quickly over the last few months than I might have expected. One month quickly blends into the next, or so it seems. I realized I hadn’t posted any photographs of the major downtown construction projects since February. In those five months, good progress has been made on several projects. […]

Current Construction on the North Side of Downtown

As promised last week when we took a tour of south side construction, today we’ll take a turn through the north end of downtown and look at some of the major construction there. First up is the construction on top of the hill, a Hatcher-Hill a project I most recently wrote about here. With the […]

Construction Updates and More

I was startled recently when a reader made a comment about Stockyard Lofts, suggesting they had not started construction and were past completion date. The surprise came when I checked my article about the project and realized the reader was correct! The article was written two years ago with a completion date of last summer […]

The Crozier Reaches the Finish Line: A Look Inside

It was November 2015 when I first reported that a building on the corner of Willow and Central would be demolished for a much larger (and nicer) building which would host both commercial and residential space. By October 2016, challenges had been encountered on the site and the building had been redesigned to be taller. […]

Construction Photos and Updates: Tombras, Marriott Courtyard and Residence Inn, Crozier and Stockyard Lofts

There seemed to be enough interest in yesterday’s photographs and updates regarding current and planned construction to warrant another pass at it, don’t you think? Interest is great and there are so many projects that following that alone could be a full time job. So, let’s look at a few additional projects with photos and […]