A Market Square Business Closes

A surprising buzz circulated around downtown yesterday afternoon as word spread that after only two months at 24 Market Square, Space Head had closed. Owned and operated by Mahasti Vafaie and Scott Partin, owners of Tomato Head and Flour Head, the restaurant offered a non-meat burger, a (very good imo) fried chicken sandwich and downtown’s […]

A Business Closes, Plus Transportation, Style and a Superstar

That’s a lot of weight for a caption to carry, but there are a number of smaller and larger items that warrant a mention and they cover quite the range of topics. Some of it has been covered in other media outlets, some not as much. So here’s a quick-hit of several topics worth mentioning: […]

Another Market Square Business Closes Its Doors

I mentioned when Blue Coast closed a few weeks ago that we probably weren’t finished for the year. I didn’t have any inside knowledge. I hadn’t heard any rumors. It’s just the way it works each year around December: businesses that have been hanging on close. Maybe their leases end. Maybe they are looking at […]

A Market Square Restaurant Closes

  It’s something that seems to happen every year about this time: Sometime toward the end of the year at least one business will close. It’s often quite a surprise. In what is the first, if not the last of end-of-the-year business closures, Blue Coast Grill and Bar apparently closed its doors for the last […]

Coolato Gelato Closes (Will It Return?)

The rumors have been swirling for several weeks. There was an Instagram post saying Coolato Gelato was closing. Then it was gone. There was a Facebook post saying Coolato Gelato was closing. Then there wasn’t. The lights are turned off and they are not currently open. I met with co-owner Julianna Texada to get the […]