COVID-19: 7/1/2020 Update (Including Health Department Briefing)

It’s Wednesday. It’s July. Time keeps moving along. It’s hard for me to grasp that this state of semi-weirdness is entering its fourth month. One consensus that is growing is that wearing masks when in groups would help us get back toward the semi-normal side of all this more quickly. Wearing a mask seems to […]

COVID-19: 6/30/2020 Update

As the pandemic continues and the crisis manifests itself in different ways, please remember to be kind to others. Many of us now do know people who have or have had the virus. Many of us have lost income from being sick or having our businesses closed. Some people have lost even more. As you […]

COVID-19: 6/10/2020 Update (Including Today’s Health Department Briefing)

Heat is a thing, right now. Despite being a bit early on the calendar, it is clearly summer outside in Knoxville. Cries for change in our justice and other systems have heated up across our country. The virus has heated up in places it had previously only gently touched. That’s a lot of heat. Let’s […]

An Interview with Representative Rick Staples

Could you have named downtown Knoxville’s state representative before you saw this headline? Probably not. That’s his concern. Allow me to introduce him: I recently met with Rick Staples, State District 15 Representative. He’s been in office for almost a year after winning an election to replace Representative Joe Armstrong who became ineligible to serve […]