A Market Square Business and a Union Avenue Business Close

It’s a truth that may be hard to keep in focus in these heady times in downtown Knoxville, but businesses don’t always make it and the ones that are successful for a period of time don’t stay forever. There may be direct and obvious causes or there may be nothing discernible beyond the simple numbers. […]

New York City, Knoxville, San Francisco and Oakland

Worlds sometimes collide and that was the case for me, yesterday. After five days in New York City, Urban Woman, Urban Girl and I returned to Knoxville. I love Knoxville. But New York City, which I’ll probably write more about in the coming days, is, after all, New York City. Our visit there was fabulous […]

America Discovers a Knoxville Jewel: Market Square Designated a “Great Public Place”

It would be an easy question for most people in the area: Where’s the heart of Knoxville? We know it’s a special place. It’s inspired quotes – though not always flattering – by some of America’s luminaries. It’s a subject of a book by Jack Neely and it’s been marveled at by generations. Famously, thanks […]

A New Business Opens on Market Square

Slipping into a second story walk-up, Lillian Ruth Bride by Wedding Wonderland opened quietly last week at 9 Market Square, just above Soccer Taco. It joins Red Door Photography representing second floor retail on the square. Leslie Rosenbaum is the owner, having purchased the business recently. Previously located in west Knoxville, Wedding Wonderland became Lillian […]

Asian Festival Highlights a Fun-Filled Weekend

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about the “recent unpleasantness,” from last weekend, but what an incredible, fun-packed weekend it was! The Market Square Farmers’ Market is at its peak. The Lego Fan Expo in the Convention Center paired off with the sixth annual Tattoo Convention at the Holiday Inn to keep the World’s […]