Knoxville PrideFest 2016 Remembers Orlando, Celebrates a Better Future

It had to be different from last year. A year ago our LGBT community, along with their many supporters, friends and family in Knoxville and across the country celebrated PrideFest with a background of a looming supreme court decision with increasing confidence that ruling would legalize gay marriage. The event became a celebration of marriage […]

Updates From Around Downtown

Occasionally over the years I’ve given updates about projects I’ve mentioned some time back or developments which others reported first and you might have missed. So, here’s a chance to make sure we all know what’s going on. The Tombras Group, an advertising and public relations firm, reportedly purchased the KUB building and the adjacent […]

Pridefest 2015: Jubilant and Poignant

It had to feel different ┬áthis year. With the backdrop of the looming Supreme Court decision on gay marriage, which could come this week, Pridefest 2015 took on a heightened significance. Of course, it was also crazy fun. Still, with a growing consensus by both proponents, as well as opponents that the court will rule […]

2015 Children’s Festival of Reading is Great Fun for the Everyone

That reading is an essential skill to be encouraged in our culture, I hope is a point on which we all agree. Unfortunately, I fear it is an endangered practice. I’m afraid, frequently, most adults read a few articles, but more likely read captions and look at photographs or video for information and enjoyment. If […]

End of the Civil War Sesquicentennial Commemorated in Knoxville

As I walked through Krutch Park last Saturday on my way to a delightful discussion of downtown with a small group of parishioners at the First Presbyterian Church, I passed a friend among the gathering groups of civil war reenactors and other interested parties. With a smile he asked, “Are we ever going to get […]