Major Announcement from Big Ears: Patti Smith and Band

The Big Ears Festival, which will be held March 26-29, 2020 in downtown Knoxville, has announced additional artists to the lineup. The announcement includes one of the most surprising and exciting ever for the festival, and that is a very high bar. It’s hard to exaggerate the impact Patti Smith has had on popular culture […]

Maker’s Donuts: Doughnuts On the Way for Downtown

Now that a pharmacy is on the way to downtown, I haven’t heard a consensus for what we need next. I have heard doughnuts mentioned more than once and, while it might not be the most essential downtown need, it is certainly a nice amenity to add to the mix. I’m also excited about the […]

A Cool Building and a Fascinating Downtown Pioneer

While kicking around on the street in the area between Old Grey Cemetery and Central for the story on Bar Marley’s, I noticed the building at 800 Tyson, bedecked with a banner proclaiming, “Shoreline University Fellowship.” Curious, I approached the building and noticed an architectural rendering on the door of a cafe and studio space. […]