Hola Festival 2018

I’m pretty sure I’ve never reported on an Hola Festival this far after the event itself. Modern attention spans being what they are, people have moved on. Still, I think the event is worth documenting each year as it is one our most colorful and joyful events. It starts on Saturday night, and that’s an […]

Knoxville Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day in Style

It’s interesting: Knoxville has a tremendous Irish heritage. According to a recent book, Knoxville: Holidays and Festivals, written by Jack Neely and published by the Knoxville History Project, the group held an important place in local leadership: ” . . . at least three of the first seven members of Knoxville’s first Board of Aldermen in […]

Mardi Growl 2018

The eleventh annual Mardi Growl event has come and gone, once more. For many of us downtown if feels like the introduction to spring – albeit usually a chilly one. For me, it’s my little taste of the gulf coast Mardi Gras spirit, if in canine form. For everyone, it’s a fun, funny and colorful […]