Rhythm n Blooms 2018: Rain, Cold and Musical Gold (Part Three)

Day three started early, for me, as I headed to the WUTK studio to do Knoxcentric. Luke Brogdin of Southern Cities graciously agreed to join me for a bit to talk about their set the previous day, as well as their new music. Their┬áSee the Future┬áCD is now available on Spotify and reflects an upbeat […]

Rhythm n Blooms 2018: Rain, Cold and Musical Gold (Part One)

It’s always an exciting weekend for the city. People travel to the festival in large numbers and, it seems, everyone who loves music and lives here joins in, as well. While Big Ears stretches my listening, Rhythm n Blooms tends to help me find artists I will definitely love but who, for whatever reason, have […]

Big Ears 2018, Part One

I’ll hit you up with a couple of parts to this sprawling, multi-day musical journey. It’s impossible to cover it all or to take it all in. By the end of the four days, it’s almost hard to keep it straight. Images and impressions remain, new sounds, combinations and explorations, altered connections and, most probably, […]

Big Ears 2018 Announces Daily Lineups and More

There’s really no way to predict who will agree to play the Big Ears Festival one year to the next. From an unlimited pool of international musicians, the possibilities are simply too big. We’ve come to appreciate that even after lineups are announced, the magic often lies in how they are paired, sometimes intentionally, sometimes […]

New York City, Knoxville, San Francisco and Oakland

Worlds sometimes collide and that was the case for me, yesterday. After five days in New York City, Urban Woman, Urban Girl and I returned to Knoxville. I love Knoxville. But New York City, which I’ll probably write more about in the coming days, is, after all, New York City. Our visit there was fabulous […]