“People Where They Are” Speaks to the Past and the Present

Set in a very divisive time in history, six people gather and explore their shared and different experiences. On the surface, they should be on the same side. But they each believe so strongly in their own reality that initially they can’t see the commonality. Each maintains their own stereotypes and generalizations even as they […]

Santaland Diaries Plays Around the Darkness on the Edge of Christmas

Christmas is all lightness and joy, right? Good will to men (and presumably these days, women). Joy to the Earth. Santa is coming and all is well. He may be checking his list, but we’ll get a pass and a big pile of presents in the end, right? Right? Well, meet Crumpet, the focal elf […]

Alias Grace Offers a Chilling Glimpse Into Our Darker Psyche

Clarence Brown Theatre offers a full season, each year, of excellent theatrical productions. A season ticket is a well warranted purchase. That said, the productions at the smaller sister Ula Love Doughty Carousel Theatre are often more intense, more engaging and provocative. Often presenting newer productions with challenging themes, the latest production, Alias Grace, is certainly […]

The Strangers Pushes Every Boundary, Explores Every Heart: An Interview with Playwright Christopher Oscar Pena

What is the meaning of “home?” Do we ever feel completely loved? Can a relationship make us feel “whole?” How do each of us fit into a swiftly changing world that keeps our place in that world in a constant state of flux? Playwright Christopher Oscar Peña told me that he was given the freedom […]

“Three Sisters” Presented by Clarence Brown Theatre at the Carousel

As a part of a spate of Anton Chekhov related events around the city in the next month, “Three Sisters,” the play by the Russian playwright and short story writer has its second preview tonight and officially holds its opening night on Friday. The new version by Libby Appel is directed by Michael Fry and […]