Current Construction on the North Side of Downtown

As promised last week when we took a tour of south side construction, today we’ll take a turn through the north end of downtown and look at some of the major construction there. First up is the construction on top of the hill, a Hatcher-Hill a project I most recently wrote about here. With the […]

Broadway Viaduct Removal Beginning Right Away: Details Announced

It’s hard to believe that two large viaduct projects that have been discussed for many years are finally becoming reality. The removal of the Jackson Avenue Ramps is already underway, and work on the removal of the Broadway Viaduct over the train tracks is beginning soon. That the two of them are happening at the […]

Details on the Broadway Viaduct Replacement

Representatives from TDOT held a community meeting yesterday afternoon to discuss the Broadway Viaduct in all its complexities. The upshot? It’s complex. The bottom line? It’s still a little squishy. One of the complexities I would not have imagined is that the new bridge will need to be about four feet higher off the ground. […]

Jackson Avenue Streetscape Details and Schedule, Plus Viaduct Reconstructions

If you’ve walked through the area recently, you know the sidewalk between State and Central is nearly complete and looks great. It’s already hard to picture all the poles, wires and busted pieces of thin sidewalk we used to traverse. When I look at that stretch, I always remember the concerns of some that the […]

A Road Diet In Broadway’s Future

There are a host of road changes and modifications planned for downtown and near-downtown over the next couple of years. Of course, the Cumberland Avenue project is painfully working it’s way toward completion. Also on the docket are significant changes to Sevier Avenue, Magnolia Boulevard, Jackson Avenue and Central Street. Both the Jackson Avenue viaduct […]