A Weekend Rich in Diverse Entertainment

We entered the weekend fresh off the excellent performance of La Bohème by Knoxville Opera. Urban Girl’s first opera, it set a high bar. With various rounds of illness and school closings, Urban Girl got to continue her run of cool shows as she tagged along with Urban Woman and myself. The first round of […]

Final Knoxville Christmas Photographs 2015

It seemed this Christmas season was busier than ever around downtown. I struggled to list all the events happening around the city in my ten-day-calendar. It’s slowed a bit, now, except for one final blow-out on New Year’s Eve. After that we’ll settle into a slower winter rhythm – assuming winter really does make a […]

Celebrations and Shakespeare in the City

Late last week downtown was filled with celebrations of various sorts. Interestingly, three events in two days centered on literary achievements of sorts. Tuesday evening saw a celebration of a surprise publication and of the beginning of a journey to New York City for another. Thursday saw an annual production that honors the most esteemed […]

Local Books For Christmas Gifts

I don’t normally write an article for Saturday and I’ve certainly got enough going on to fill my time otherwise today, but I need to do a sort of “make up post.” See, I’d planned to write this for yesterday, but the larger news story broke and I had to go with that. Waiting until […]

Southern Literature Convergences in the City

Last year I wrote a piece about my friend Flossie McNabb at Union Avenue Books. I told, among other stories, the story of how she and I met sometime back in the 1990s at Davis Kidd Bookseller in west Knoxville. I’d begun reading southern writers and desperately need a guide to my reading and help […]