Mardi Growl 2019 Kicks Off Festival Season

It was a bit chilly for this year’s edition of the Young Williams’ Mardi Growl event, but not nearly so bad as it could have been. A large crowd of humans and canines lined the parade route and, at least from my vantage, no puppy problems ensued as the costumed canines cavorted their way past. […]

Mardi Growl 2018

The eleventh annual Mardi Growl event has come and gone, once more. For many of us downtown if feels like the introduction to spring – albeit usually a chilly one. For me, it’s my little taste of the gulf coast Mardi Gras spirit, if in canine form. For everyone, it’s a fun, funny and colorful […]

Mardi Growl 2017

Mardi Growl, sponsored each year by Young-Williams Animal Center, and this year presented by the Old City Wine Bar, has come to serve as the unofficial kick-off for festival season, which is expanding to be approximately nine months long from the looks of it. Knoxville is so dog-friendly that it only seems fitting that our […]

Mardi Growl 2016: Fun Time for Everyone

The sun shined brightly, the temperatures moderated by the weekend and people and puppies responded with one of the largest Mardi Growl events ever. Last year was colder, the year before it rained, if memory serves. With great weather and a large parade, people lined the streets to catch a glimpse of the people and […]

Mardi Growl 2015

This is one of those articles in which the words aren’t nearly as important as the photographs and the photographs demand a massive amount of time, so I won’t clutter this post with words. I walked away from the 2015 Mardi Growl with over 165 photographs and each and every pooch was blog-worthy. But alas, […]