Pride Month: Knoxville Proud 

This week marks the end of Pride Month for 2018. Last week Knoxville celebrated our Pride Parade and Festival downtown and it was a wonderful event that highlighted the absolute best that this city has to offer in terms of inclusivity and love. The crowds have been estimated to be just below 30,000 in attendance […]

Pride Month: Sharing Art and Culture

In recent years the LGBTQ community has seen a massive rise in visibility in the media. Where remaining closeted was once crucial to the success of someone’s career there is now a large and growing population of artists, singers, and actors who are out and proudly showing the world their true selves. Pioneer artists like […]

Pride month: Past & Present Knoxville LGBT Gathering Places

(This is a second in a series of articles about Pride and Knoxville’s LGBTQ communities by guest writer Oren Yarbrough) If you walk up to someone in Knoxville and ask where the nearest gay bar is they may only be able to name one or two different options. Today, in Knoxville, if you want to […]

Knox Pride Month: An Introduction and History Lesson

*Today we welcome guest writer and local architect, Oren Yarbrough. Oren will explore several topics related to Pride Month over the next weeks. Here’s Oren: Today is the first day of June and the official beginning of Pride Month throughout the U.S. and much of the world. This time of year, LGBTQ people, friends, and […]

Knoxville Has a Theater District? A Brief History of Knoxville’s Theaters: Part Four of Four

Here is the final part of Oren Yarbrough’s four part series on Knoxville’s rich history with theatres. If you haven’t already done so, please check out the first three (Part One, Part Two, Part Three). It’s really a rich and wonderful tapestry Oren has woven so beautifully. I should also point out that these great […]