Endangered Properties and Demolitions Continue to Be an Issue in Knoxville

Just when you think we get it, it’s clear we don’t. Surely we understand that what gives downtown Knoxville and surrounding areas its charm is its historic structures, right? We wouldn’t let any more of the properties slip away! That’s a sad memory of a bygone era and we love our older buildings. We’re enlightened. […]

Covenant Health Offers Both Walk-In and Primary Care Downtown

It’s been almost two years since Covenant Health opened its Convenient Care Clinic in the Phoenix Building (behind the Phoenix Pharmacy and Fountain at 418 South Gay). During that time, the supervising physician, Dr. Jeff McMichael, and the primary care giver, Nurse Practitioner Tiffany Marshall have remained with the clinic and watched it grow to […]

Covenant Health Opens Convenient Care Downtown

It’s been more than a year since¬†Eddie Mannis announced his plans to bring a pharmacy and a walk-in clinic to the Phoenix building on Gay Street. In October of last year the Phoenix Pharmacy opened its doors in temporary quarters and just last month it moved into its permanent quarters. As of Monday, April 4, […]