Regas Square Condominiums Has Its First Residents: Symphony Showcases Units

We’re just a few months shy of four years passed since the first announcement was made that Regas Square Condominiums and retail spaces would be developed. It’s been a long process and Joe Petre, one of the developers and the owner of Conversion Properties, says it started with the early discovery that the geological testing […]

Sterchi Lofts Convert to Condos, Offered for Sale

Building owner and developer Leigh Burch has announced that Sterchi Lofts will be offered for sale as condos. Burch bought the building in 2000, well before downtown’s resurgence, and opened the newly developed units as apartments in 2002. He says at the time financing was near impossible as it was, by far, the largest residential […]

New Home Construction, “The Overlook” Announced for Downtown

I’ve written before about a quiet section of town along Hill Avenue, just to the east of Henley on the north side of the bridge. It’s seen some change in recent years – and months – including the announcement, just last month, of a nineteen story building proposed to face one end of that block […]

Details of New Ground-Up Condominium and Commercial Development Announced

The Courtland Group, headed by Jeffrey Nash, has established an excellent track record with numerous redevelopments of older buildings. Nash began his career reclaiming and redeveloping warehouses and factories in east London, but moved to Knoxville nearly twenty years ago and has steadily built an impressive portfolio of redeveloped buildings here. Best known, perhaps for […]

Demolition and Construction Set for Central Street in the Old City

Last May a group made an initial presentation to the Downtown Design Review Board detailing their plans to demolish the buildings at 120 – 122 Central Street and replace them with an attractive three-story building. The plans have changed since that first reportĀ and now include a larger, four story, brick building. The project is in […]