Knox County Board of Health Meeting 7.29.2020: Bars to Close

The fact that this would be a three hour and fifty minute meeting was portended when a motion was presented before the agenda could be approved and the motion was to drop the agenda and the meeting altogether. Mayor Jacobs started the meeting by stating: This is a motion to postpone this meeting until next […]

Central Depot Opens at Guess Which Corner?

For those of you playing along at home, the correct answer would be at the corner of Central and Depot. Trick question. Knoxville’s newest addition to both bars and businesses moving to the north near the Depot and beyond, opened its doors softly last week and a bit more loudly last weekend. Central Depot has […]

City Lights Bar and Grill Opens at 1103 Sevier Avenue

City Lights Bar and Grill opened March 1, at 1103 Sevier Avenue, with the intention of becoming a neighborhood bar. From the sounds of it, they are off to a good start. A customer named Justin is such a regular, the nachos are named for him. Another, Gary Underwood, has already been designated the new […]

Uncorked Enjoys a New Incarnation with Vinyl, Books and Chef T.J. Smith

Uncorked has enjoyed a long run on Market Square, seeing numerous changes both internally and on the square around it. Some of us have a hard time not referring to it as “Oodles,” which was part of its original name. Restaurants evolve and the “Oodles” portion of the name was dropped last year in favor […]

Yes, Suttree’s High Gravity Tavern is Open!

I don’t think I’ve had another topic interest readers as much as Suttree’s. I wrote about the pending opening three months ago and that post just keeps on getting the hits. I doubt a day has gone by that someone hasn’t found the blog via Google search or through a link on someone else’s blog […]