Homegrown plus a rare treat at the Preservation Pub Tonight

Travis Singleton, Homegrown, Preservation Pub, Knoxville

I’ve caught several of the recent Homegrown shows at the Preservation Pub and I’ve had a great time at them all. Hosted on the second floor, which is 95% smoke-free, it’s a beautiful setting for acoustic music. The format of the show features an hour of tunes and conversation hosted by Joe from I105. For those of you who remember the shows live from Disc Exchange: this is much better. There is plenty of seating facing the stage, cool beverages and a pretty good pizza if you are so inclined. The show is free.

Travis Singleton, WFIV Homegrown, Preservation Pub

Travis Singleton, Preservation Pub, Knoxville

A couple of weeks ago the featured artist was Travis Singleton. I’m constantly amazed at how many talented artists live in our little city. Just when I think I’ve heard or at least heard of most of them, I run into someone who is presented as a local institution of whom I have never heard. Travis is one such artist. His strong melodies and sometimes beautifully piercing lyrics make him a force in local music. I’m not sure how I’ve missed him. He is good as an acoustic artist, but check out his music on his facebook page linked above and you’ll hear him in full electric glory.

Martha Christian, Preservation Pub, Knoxville

Last week Martha Christian brought her uplifting music to the Homegrown stage. Vibrant, positive and charming, she filled the stage with her understated presence. Ironically, Ms. Christian, who calls Sevierville home, plays in a praise band. Could there be a better name for a praise musician? Her songs are hopeful, positive and uplifting reflecting, I suppose, her rootedness in her faith. Words like “faith,” “grace” and references to something larger than ourselves pervade her music.

Martha Christian, Preservation Pub, Homegrown, Knoxville

Her praise band background is belied by her breathy introductions presented over softly strummed chords. Those I could do without, but it was difficult not to be taken in by her considerable charms, her geuine humility and her excellent vocals. Artists like her make me wonder if Praise Bands today will be like the black church of the fifties, giving us our next generation of pop/rock/R and B artists.

Jodie Manross (from website)

Tonight promises to be a great night at Preservation Pub. Homegrown starts at 7:00 and features Brent Thompson and his low-key, jazzy Americana. After Brent a special show ensues on the stage in the speakeasy with Jodie Manross in a (recently) rare appearance in Knoxville along with Ten Cent Poetry and HuDost. Hopefully we’ll be graced with selections from her new album “Myth of Solid Ground.” Jodie is a transplanted Knoxvillian currently living in and working out of New York City. She used to work at the Knox County Public Library, so she’s certainly “homegrown,” if not strictly local anymore. She and the others will play from 8:00 to 10:30.

Who could ask for a better Wednesday night option than this? Here’s a sample of Brent Thompson to get you ready. See you there.