Downtown Knoxville Ten Day Planner (3/24 – 4/2/2019)

If you want to be certain your event is included on this calendar, I’ll need your event two weeks in advance. The absolute best way to make sure I include your event is to make a FB event and invite me – two weeks in advance. My FB “events” are the one place I’ll go […]

Artist Mark Carson English Shares His Artistic Vision with Knoxville and Big Ears

Mark Carson English, an artist of international caliber, has returned to Knoxville after a circuitous journey that leaves him questioning if he has a home, though this is clearly his hometown an he’s quite fond of it. Born in McMinnville, his father, who was a banker, brought the family to Knoxville when Mark was very […]

Electric Scooters Roll Out in Downtown Knoxville

You may have noticed some new neighbors on the streets, yesterday, as electric scooters arrived in downtown in a big way. Two companies won the right to operate the vehicles in the city and Zagster, (they also operate the Pace Bike program locally) put their scooters out with the hopes of having them used during […]

Artist Kara Lockmiller Responds to Big Ears

Area artists and others are responding to the all-encompassing presence of Big Ears in downtown Knoxville. Most notably, Funny Ears Fringe Festival has been running for several years, now, at Preservation Pub and Scruffy City Hall. But other artists not directly a part of the festival are also getting involved. Today we’ll look at Kara […]

Found Sound Nation Brings Mosaic to Big Ears

Boundaries and intersections. They fascinate us. Where does one thing begin and another end? Are the demarcations rigid or fluid? Are they real or simply a human attempt to organize and understand a world which doesn’t so readily lend itself to the neat categories? These are the kinds of questions asked and concepts challenged by […]