COVID-19: 10/23/2020 Update (State, Local, UTK, KCS, Including Today’s UTK Briefing)

It’s the weekend! Celebrate with a long walk or a good book. Check out the entertainment options listed in this morning’s article. We’d probably all be better off if we took the next week-and-a-half off social media. If not, maybe we should ask ourselves if what we read there makes us more happy or less […]

Entertainment, The Arts and a Little Spookiness

Here’s a quick look at just a few of your local entertainment options in the world of arts, which are coming up in the next few days. Consider supporting these creative attempts at keeping the arts alive: Music: Second Bell Monster Mash Drive In Festival Are you missing live music, but you’re nervous about siting […]

COVID-19: 10/22/2020 Update (State, Local, UTK, KCS and Today’s Health Department Briefing)

Have you voted? Many of your friends have done so. An interesting note: As of the end of voting yesterday, Knox County is a rare exception in that early voting at polling places is lagging four years ago. The gap has narrowed but remains at 1,248 relative to the last presidential election year. One exception, […]

The Bistro at the Bijou Celebrates a Remarkable 40 Years

For a business to last a dozen years is remarkable. Twenty or thirty years, impressive, indeed. Forty years is very unusual. In the year Ronald Reagan was elected president, the Bistro at the Bijou began service. Even more remarkable, a bar or restaurant, almost without interruption, is a part of the building’s history from the […]

COVID-19: 10/21/2020 Update (State, Local, UTK, KCS)

Downtown Knoxville never looked more like London than it does at this moment. That’s because, as I write, no buildings are visible, just a thick soup of fog obstructing everything. It’s kind of cozy if you don’t have to drive a car. I think I’ll just imagine that I’m writing in a posh London flat […]