Miracle on Gay Street (For Real)

As we move toward the Christmas season, there will be many great related events, decorations, entertainment and more all around downtown. I’ll detail some of those on Friday (I’m taking a day off tomorrow). There’s one very cool event, however, that I wanted to mention beforehand that I think the grownups among us might enjoy. […]

Baker Creek Bottoms Evolving and Moving Forward

It’s another piece of evidence that the Urban Wilderness isn’t just a fanciful idea for a few cycling or trail running enthusiasts, but rather is an economic force that is growing south Knoxville. We’ve seen the impact in a number of ways, but the Baker Creek Bottoms project is perhaps the most directly related large-scale […]

Coolato Gelato Closes (Will It Return?)

The rumors have been swirling for several weeks. There was an Instagram post saying Coolato Gelato was closing. Then it was gone. There was a Facebook post saying Coolato Gelato was closing. Then there wasn’t. The lights are turned off and they are not currently open. I met with co-owner Julianna Texada to get the […]

Downtown Knoxville Ten Day Planner (11/18 – 11/27/2018)

If you want to be certain your event is included on this calendar, I’ll need your event two weeks in advance. The absolute best way to make sure I include your event is to make a FB event and invite me – two weeks in advance. My FB “events” are the one place I’ll go […]

Sterchi Lofts Convert to Condos, Offered for Sale

Building owner and developer Leigh Burch has announced that Sterchi Lofts will be offered for sale as condos. Burch bought the building in 2000, well before downtown’s resurgence, and opened the newly developed units as apartments in 2002. He says at the time financing was near impossible as it was, by far, the largest residential […]