Cranes Everywhere . . . and That’s a Good Thing

Chances are you’ve gotten so used to seeing them that you look right past them at this point. Not so many years ago, the sighting of a crane downtown would be something unusual. There wasn’t so much need for them. With empty buildings occupying the space between vacant lots, there wasn’t much need for work […]

2019 Rossini Festival Moves from Gay Street, Avoids the Rain and Hits the Right Notes

The forecast was sketchy and we’ve all seen what the havoc of very bad weather descend on Knoxville Opera’s Rossini Festival in the past. This time, other than a few light showers and sprinkles, the rain held off and the cloud cover kept the temperatures cool for most of the day, giving the festival a […]

Downtown Knoxville Ten Day Planner (4/14 -4/23/2019)

If you want to be certain your event is included on this calendar, I’ll need your event two weeks in advance. The absolute best way to make sure I include your event is to make a FB event and invite me – two weeks in advance. My FB “events” are the one place I’ll go […]

A New York Moment and a Fine Friday Night into Saturday in Knoxville

Memory is tied to all the senses: a touch on the skin, a glimpse of something familiar, a smell that transports. I have what I call San Francisco mornings. It’s something about a chill on a spring morning along with a fresh-baked smell and leisurely moments on a patio. It hits me sometimes in downtown […]

Downtown Openings, Re-Openings and Moves

There is a lot of movement among downtown businesses this spring. You’ll need to watch carefully to keep up. And these four changes are just a few of what projects to be a stream of more business news over the next few months. So stay tuned! Here’s a bit of what’s happening, now: Theatre Knoxville […]