Vikings invade the City!

Vikings on Gay Street

One of the random events in the city I’ve run into recently is the Big Brothers Big Sisters Knoxventure. This annual event is a fundraiser for Big Brothers/Big Sisters and this year was sponsored by Pilot Oil. The basic idea is that teams are formed and they race around the city finding certain check-in points where they may be asked to perform some physical or mental feat.

Young helpers at Knoxventure 2011

I’m often ill informed about what is happening in the city, so I often find the unexpected, but most of those events are not surprising in content. There will generally be food, music and face-painting if it is for the children. If not, beer will likely be found.

English Gents and Ladies, Knoxventure 2011

This event isn’t like the others. The teams choose a theme, a team theme that would be, and some of them go to great lengths to dress in costumes consistent with the themes, hence the Vikings, English Gents and Ladies and Girls Just Wanting to Have Fun pictured here. Some seemed to pick a color theme and let that be enough. Mixed with the fun, there was some pretty serious competition.

They look like they got their wish.

It’s another of those events that makes the city fun and another reminder of how many people in Knoxville will give generously to a good cause. It’s almost better when I find it unexpectedly. Simple, spontaneous mayhem. It makes me want to step out the door and go for a walk.

Serious Competitor

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