Urban Mystery Picture # 8

It seems it’s either feast or famine. I haven’t found that sweet spot, yet, where multiple people guess for days before someone finally unlocks the mystery of the urban picture of the week. Last week no one guessed and every other week someone guessed correctly with extreme speed leaving all other contestants with their mouths agape. This week was one of those.

Here was the Urban Mystery Picture:

Urban Mystery Picture #7

Our winner is our first (official) second time winner and the specter of a Holston Building domination of the contest rears its ugly head, once more. Come on people! Hit the streets and beat these guys! Can they be that much smarter than the rest of us? Oh. Right. Well, congratulations go out to Chad Boetger, who is going to have to get a different picture if he keeps winning this thing. He correctly identified the building in question as the building housing WDVX and the Knoxville Tourism Center at the corner of Gay and Summit Hill.

Chad Boetger, Serial Winner

So, still in search of that sweet spot, I’ve decided to post a picture that I took, so it won’t be as arty/cool as Shaft’s pictures (which we’ll get back to next week), but we’ll give it a spin and see what happens. Remember to win you have to be the first to post the correct answer in the comment section below and then you need to e-mail me at knoxvilleurbanguy@gmail.com. Good luck, everybody.

Urban Mystery Picture #8