Metropulse Reader Appreciation Party

Metropulse Reader Appreciation Party, Latitude 35, Market Square, Knoxville

The Metropulse Reader Appreciation Party was held the same day the “Best of Knoxville” poll results were issued. Held at Latitude 35, from 5:00 – 7:00 Metropulse employees, winners of the various categories and Chamber representatives enjoyed food from the winning restaurants in a private VIP party.

Business After Hours? Chamber-speak, I suppose

At 7:00 the doors opened for the general public. This was the fourth or fifth time I’ve attended the party which is usually great fun and the food and music are free, so you know I’m liking that. I walked past and took a couple of photographs during the VIP part. I’m not sure if I looked like a stalker, but I was curious. A sweet young woman at the door actually told me to come on in, but I demurred. Maybe another time.

Best food of the Night and Best Service with a Smile: Holy Land Market

My friend Shaft and I arrived at 7:00 and ate some tasty chicken wings from an unidentified restaurant and some falafel from the Holy Land Market. They were some of the last ones actually present and serving their food with a smile. That was my favorite food. Tomato Head was still serving and, of course, it’s always good. But something was missing. The crowd was thinner than it had been before. The music had not started.

Upstairs at Latitude, Award Plaques and crowd

Downstairs Tomato Head Table

After eating some of the free food and hitting the falafels several times, we decided to walk to Preservation Pub and have a cold beverage at the outside tables. Good call. A certain Metropulse employee was hanging there, taking a break from his own party, and we had a great time talking about various things Knoxville. The night was pleasant, the company was good. Quite the successful evening.

Texas Tony and the Tornado Ramblers

The party? I stopped back by Latitude and took a couple of photos of the first band scheduled to play. I couldn’t tell if they were serious or just goofing. It was a work night and I decided not to wait around for the second band, though I would have liked to have heard Coolrunnings. As I was walking home I was thankful to Metropulse for throwing the party, but mostly I was thinking that sometimes the party isn’t in the party at all. Sometimes the good time waiting is with your old friends or maybe some new friends wherever you find them in the city.