East Tennessee Chili Cook-off and More – Far Too Much

Chili Festival, World’s Fair Park, Knoxville

Here’s an example of how much is happening downtown all the time: I love chili. Who doesn’t? Sure it may lead to a little gastronomic discomfort, but it’s worth it, right? So how could I not blog about the East Tennessee Chili Cook-off to benefit Second Harvest Food Bank held earlier this month on the World’s Fair Park? It’s pretty simple: I can’t possibly tell you everything that is happening downtown.

Brackins Blues Jam, Chili Cook-off, World’s Fair Park, Knoxville

Some weekends there are half a dozen or more options. I also didn’t mention the Brewer’s Jam which benefited Community Shares or the Race for the Cure which benefits breast cancer research. Knoxville is pretty good about combining fun with a worthy cause.

This blog winds up being what I either find interesting or what I stumble into. You should really come downtown and explore for yourself. In the meantime, here are a few shots from the Chili Cook-off to keep you warm during this cold snap. Check out the huge inflatable superman.

Massive Superman oversees the chili contestants, Worlds Fair Park, Knoxville