Final Autumn Pictures: Up on the River Bank

Church Street U.M.C. Bell Tower, Henley Street, Knoxville

Here are more pictures from that same afternoon, but up the bluff and into the city. One of the great things about living downtown is that when those perfect days strike – the combination of time to do what you want and weather to encourage being outside, you are already down here and don’t have to convince yourself to drive in. At least for me that’s an advantage.

Old Courthouse, Main Street, Knoxville, November 2010

On this particular afternoon, not having any specific reason to be downtown, I would not have driven here if I still lived outside the area. I would have missed a golden day. I hope you enjoy these final “Final” autumn pictures.
View of the Tennessee Theatre looking north on Gay Street

This final picture may need a little explanation. I’ve always had an infatuation with Mercedes sports cars. I’ve never driven one. I’ve never ridden in one. I’ll never be able to afford one. If I had the money I probably wouldn’t buy one for any number of reasons, but I still have a crush. I don’t know why.

Union Avenue in front of Pete’s, Knoxville, November 2010