First Friday – The Biggest Ever?

Dancers on Market Square – Square Dancing, of course! Knoxville
It seemed likely this First Friday would be big for a couple of reasons. First, we finally caught a break with the weather. After around 70 consecutive days of above ninety degree highs, we got some cool, dry air from Canada that set the stage for everyone to want to get out of the house. Second, this weekend also just happened to be the weekend of the first home game for a certain local college football team.
Dancers on Market Square, Knoxville
The result wasn’t simply a huge crowd downtown, it was the biggest crowd I remember for First Friday – and I’ve been to most of them for the last several years. At one point, around 9:00, I think Market Square had the biggest crowd I’ve seen there with the exception of Sundown in the City, which raises an interesting thought: If Sundown might end because it got too big, would the same happen for First Friday? I know they are different, but, if you apply the same logic it’s interesting.
Dave Shephard plays Little Martha at the Emporium, 100 Block of Gay Street, Knoxville
The Steeldrivers on the Market Square Stage – with young dancers!
The SteelDrivers, Market Square Stage, Knoxville
I started the evening at the French Market and the crowds and people watching were great there, just across from Krutch Park. I moved to Market Square, down to the 100 block of Gay Street, back to Market Square and ended at Krutch Park, once more. The crowds were steady on all fronts. I hope you enjoy the pictures. If you weren’t there, you might think about coming out next time.
Drum Semi-Circle, Krutch Park, Knoxville
Drummer, Krutch Park, Knoxville
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