Game Day in Knoxville

Rocky and his owner – who said, “Make it clear he’s a Vol!” I would have guessed, wouldn’t you?

First Friday certainly had a buzz, but Saturday dawned with excitement of it’s own. Since moving downtown, I had experienced game days toward the end of last football season, but this was my first experience with opening day. Downtown was covered in orange, as you might expect.

Grandad in Orange – Strollers and dogs ruled the day.
Dogs, strollers and cuties in orange, Knoxville.

Some residents downtown dread football season because it changes the neighborhood into something less pleasant – to their way of thinking. Others, the ones who drink Big Orange Kool-aid, are electric with excitement. There is no better place to live if you are a Volunteer. Yet another downtown group simply yawns and tries to go about their business, accepting the inevitable hordes, while keeping up Saturday routines of breakfast at Pete’s or meeting friends for an afternoon libation at Preservation Pub or Downtown Grill.

Crafts-people demonstrated their wares, Market Square, Knoxville
Buskers busked, Market Square, Knoxville

For me, the biggest disappointment of the day was realizing that a number of farmers don’t come into town for the Farmer’s Market on game day, though the usual local crafts folks seemed to be present in about the same numbers as a regular Saturday. This resulted in an unfortunate and much reduced selection of fresh vegetables. Not everyone came for the game or the market. Chess in the park, which is a regular Saturday event, sponsored by Chess in the Park Knoxville proceeded as usual.

Local man contemplates his next move, while the family who brings the game sits in the background.
Cute chess fans watch a game beside the “Trinity” sculpture.
Fans watch the game on the big screen at Shono’s in the City, Market Square, Knoxville.
Otherwise, it was fun to see everybody in town for the big day. I hope you enjoy the photos.
Not Everyone present was a Vol. This lady requested her face not be shown!
Urban Baby says, “Oh no – I was supposed to wear my colors?!?”

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