Getting Cars Off the Street and a Couple of National Shout-Outs for Knoxville

Today we’ll look at some of the issues we talk about or reference often on this city and I’ll share some of the good reading I’ve done recently on each of the topics. We’ll end with a couple of feel-good shout-outs to Knoxville from a national conservation group for good work being done in our […]

Could Trump Infrastructure Spending Fund Positive Transportation Solutions?

If nothing else, it can be said that President Trump is aggressively pursuing his goals. Most of what he has done to this point lines up with what he promised during the campaign and shouldn’t come as a surprise to those who were paying attention. Of course, this makes a percentage of us happy and […]

Neighborhood Reunification Through Highway Removal

Today Just John returns for a more macro view of the issues facing downtown infrastructure and design by taking on the highways that strangle the center city. The ideas in this section are very big. So big that, no doubt, many of you reading it will think it is crazy and there is a good […]