An (Not So) Ordinary Couple

Like many couples, they found each other and fell in love. Unlike so many, their relationship has lasted through the decades as they have pursued happiness together. Along the way, they longed to marry, but could not. They decided if they couldn’t have a marriage ceremony, they would have a joint memorial and unveil their […]

A Weekend Rich in Diverse Entertainment

We entered the weekend fresh off the excellent performance of La Boh√®me by Knoxville Opera. Urban Girl’s first opera, it set a high bar. With various rounds of illness and school closings, Urban Girl got to continue her run of cool shows as she tagged along with Urban Woman and myself. The first round of […]

Fifth Annual Bijou Awards Set for This Saturday Night

It started with a conversation between Jay Apking and Larsen Jay seven years ago. Larson, then President of the Bijou Board, noted Jay’s experience with children’s theater and asked what he might be able to do to bring more young people and families to the Bijou. His ambitious proposal, an arts competition for young people, […]

Knox Heritage Honors the Best Preservation Work From the Last Year: Who Won and Why Do Old Buildings Matter?

Last night Knox Heritage held its annual celebration of the best work done in the cause of preservation in the past year. The celebration is always held in the Bijou Theatre and for good reason, beyond the obvious spectacular nature of the space. Plans to demolish¬†the Bijou Theatre in 1974 brought together a group of […]

Big Ears 2016, A First Look

The Big Ears Festival could be considered multiple festivals. The music remains the focal center, of course, and involves its own personal, interactive and extremely eclectic journey. Film supports general ethos established by the music and that component has grown and expanded virtually to the point of needing its own festival. A cult has grown […]