Burn Memorial Unveiled

Saturday was a hot and humid day in the city, with temperatures hovering in the 90s by afternoon. It was a perfect setting for a suffrage march, rally and the unveiling of the latest sculpture in the city: The Burn Memorial. The memorial, which I wrote about only last October, seemed only a dream then, […]

Exploring One of Gay Street’s Most Beautiful and Interesting Buildings: The Mechanics Bank and Trust Building

If you’ve slowed down a bit to consider the various buildings lining Gay Street, you’ve no doubt noticed 612 South Gay. The inscription on the front gives its name: The Mechanics Bank and Trust Building. Even that is an interesting point: Not all buildings have their names inscribed on the front, but they virtually all […]

Local Group Pushes for Memorial Statue to Febb and Harry Burn

It’s interesting to ponder Knoxville’s stock of statues and memorials in the wake of recent controversies in other southern cities. It doesn’t take much of a survey to realize we’ve chosen quite a different path from those chosen by our sister cities. Though we have far fewer statues than some of the other cities, it’s […]

Inside the Mechanics’ Bank and Trust Building

I’d never been inside the Mechanics’ Bank and Trust Building before last Saturday and I’d wondered about it. Sitting at 602 S. Gay Street, it’s easily one of the most striking buildings on a street that has no shortage of attractive facades. The bottom three floors and mezzanine were built in 1907, with the top […]