COVID-19: 7/30/2020 Update

Earlier this morning I heard the sound of rain on the roof. We rarely hear it because there is a condo above ours. It made me think of sounds I miss. I miss the sounds of rollers on the bottom of my suitcase as I pull it along to the next destination. I miss the […]

COVID-19: 7/21/2020 Update

Good Tuesday. Hopefully, you made it out of Monday without too many scars. Maybe today will bring you a little hope or uplift. Maybe you could be that little bit of hope or uplift for someone else. I think there may be a few hopeful signs scattered about in the numbers. Maybe small, maybe illusory, […]

COVID-19: 6/20/2020 Special Report

I had no intentions of posting an article today. I’m tired and I value my weekend as a small break. Then the numbers came in and I could not avoid what felt like an obligation. I’m not interested in getting cheap clicks by displaying graphic headlines. I don’t need extra work. I’ve maintained a reasoned […]

COVID-19: 6/5/2020 Update (Including Today’s Health Department Briefing)

It’s the weekend. I hope that still means something to most of us. For me, it brings a little break from the two articles a day and a chance to have a little down time. Please enjoy your weekend safely. I was asked, again, this morning when I was going to start having articles about […]