Dispute Threatens to Derail Preservation and Development of Pryor Brown

The trail to this point is a long one. For those of you who may have missed, or don’t remember the earlier developments, I’ll recap. Pryor Brown Garage is a building located on the corner of Church Avenue and Market Street. According to my best memory of an unfortunately lost article by Jack Neely in […]

What’s Being Built? How’s It Coming?

Given the intense interest in new construction and some conversations I’ve heard recently indicating people have missed a few construction announcements along the way, it seems helpful to sometimes review some of the projects and report on their progress. So, here, in no particular order are some of the projects which are currently underway along […]

A First Look at Designs for The Residences at Pryor Brown

Preliminary designs have been released for the Pryor Brown Garage as it shifts to The Residences at Pryor Brown. Things can change, so take these for what they are, but they are likely a close representation of the finished product we’ll see at the end of the project. The architect of record is Faris Eid […]

Pryor Brown Garage: From Potential Rubble to Vibrant Landmark

This is the way preservation stories are supposed to end in 2016. Gone should be the days when historic or simply solid and usable buildings are destroyed when they could have another life. But we know those days are not gone. Preservation isn’t a single battle to be won; it’s a series of battles that […]

Saying “Goodbye” to Pryor Brown Parking Garage

The end of the line appears imminent for Pryor Brown. The struggles to save the building have been well documented and I’ll not add much to that, here. It was just over a year ago that Josh Flory reported that a demolition permit had been requested and I wrote about a “discouraging day for the […]