Endangered Properties and Demolitions Continue to Be an Issue in Knoxville

Just when you think we get it, it’s clear we don’t. Surely we understand that what gives downtown Knoxville and surrounding areas its charm is its historic structures, right? We wouldn’t let any more of the properties slip away! That’s a sad memory of a bygone era and we love our older buildings. We’re enlightened. […]

Take a Sentimental Journey: Parkridge Home Tour 2015

The Parkridge Home Tour fell at the same time as the Open Streets event making for a conundrum of sorts for me and a number of others. Each started at 1:00 PM, though the Parkridge event lasted two hours longer, ending at 6:00 PM. Both are integral to what this site has become about: Better […]

A Proposal for Parkridge from the E. TN Community Design Center

I’ve found that people have widely divergent views of the kind of place they like to live in the city. Some like to live in an expensive, refined and completely developed area. Others like their part of town to be a bit more edgy and less polished. Often on this website we talk about urban […]

Downtown Yoga Opens at 1400 N. 6th Aveune, Open House Tonight

In the spirit of the stretching of what we consider to be downtown boundaries, Downtown Yoga has opened at 1400 N. 6th Avenue, which is just about as specifically between the Parkridge and Fourth and Gill neighborhoods as is geographically possible to be. Within sight of the murals proclaiming both neighborhoods, it’s about a five […]

Raising a Glass to George Barber and Restoring His Final Home

One hundred years ago last month, George and Laura Barber died within nine days of each other while living in a small home in Parkridge. A snow-delayed dinner party was held in that home last week to mark the anniversary. That 1701 Glenwood (then Coleman) was actually their home was a part of local lore. […]