Knox County Board of Health Hosts Public Forum and Re-Opens Bars

After opening the meeting, the public forum began, with speakers and Mayor Jacobs joining from the City County Building. Thirteen people were present and he requested that they all be able to speak, even though that exceeded the 30 minutes. He made it clear there should be no profanity and no attack on the Board […]

Knox County Board of Health Meeting 7.29.2020: Bars to Close

The fact that this would be a three hour and fifty minute meeting was portended when a motion was presented before the agenda could be approved and the motion was to drop the agenda and the meeting altogether. Mayor Jacobs started the meeting by stating: This is a motion to postpone this meeting until next […]

Knox County Board of Health Meeting 7.22.2020

The meeting began with Dr. Buchanan reviewing the benchmarks as had been done at the earlier meeting. There are current two indicators on red (cases, deaths), two on yellow (testing, hospital capacity), and one green (public health capacity). See the previous article for more detailed discussion of the current status of the benchmarks. She also […]

Board Meetings: Board of Health Discusses Knox County and Regional Situation

Two meetings held at once. The Board of Health Meeting and the School Board Meeting would each have accumulated very little interest among most of us six months ago. That is so early 2020. Now they have become much awaited and of critical importance and great interest to the community. In this article, I intended […]

Board of Health Discusses Path Forward: Approves Requiring Masks In Public Buildings

The Board of Health, which is authorized to chart its own course, met for the first time since deciding to follow the Law Director’s suggestion that they yield that right in order to follow the Tennessee Plan. In the subsequent two weeks, Knox County’s new case numbers have spiked and increases have been experienced in […]