Those Special Moments

The time has finally arrived. If you haven’t finished the details and tasks demanded for that perfect celebration, you are up against a wall. Hopefully, the demands are met, presents wrapped and plans are underway to enjoy a happy time with people you love. Leading up to that perfect conclusion, the days can become a […]

What’s That Glitter at the Keener Building? Glitterville Studios Move to Knoxville!

Development brings new spaces and new life to old spaces. But sometimes the result can be small absences. Missing pieces of the texture that once enriched our lives in small or large ways. One such absence was the closure of Keener Lighting on Broadway. The development of Keener Lofts is great and the building is, […]

A Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend in the City: What to Do?

What’s it like in the city on a holiday? What’s going on and what is there to do? The answers to those questions are likely as varied as the number of people you’d care to ask. There’s enough happening to satisfy any number of tastes. I’ll give you a sample of the kinds of things […]