“The Brookside” Event Space Opens at 1221 North Central Street

Daniel and Whitney Schuh have opened The Brookside at 1221 North Central Street and have begun hosting events. The couple owns a significant portion of both sides of the street on the primary block in Happy Holler. In 2007, they purchased the buildings that include Relix (which they own and operate), Central Flats and Taps, […]

The Press Room Set to Open in the DeWine Building

I don’t remember when a building has generated so many inquiries from readers before an article was posted. Sitting at the corner of Lamar and Broadway, just across the street and down a bit from Elkmont Exchange, it’s a prominent location which has seen intense interest from developers in recent months. It also may simply […]

“The Revival” Offered for Lease at 825 Locust Street

“The Revival” has opened at 825 Locust Street, Suite 103. The residential unit is available for short-term lease as an event space or for single or multi-night stays ($500 a day, $600 a day with a two day minimum for football weekends). At 2300 square feet and open in design, it’s perfectly set up for […]