We Talked About History All Week, Had a History Fair and Now Turn to Science (of the History Making Sort)

Has there been a week in which more Americans discussed our history than this past week? While the controversy over Confederate monuments isn’t new – New Orleans removed theirs with great angst on all sides this past winter – certainly, the extent of the nationwide public conversation born out of the events in Charlottesville was […]

What Makes a City Happy? Healthy? Smart? Here’s Your Answer (Sort of)!

Those are the questions, aren’t they? If we had smart cities with happy and healthy citizens, we’d have unlocked the secret to many of our problems. So how do we do that in a general sense? And, more importantly to us, how do we do it in Knoxville? It has a lot to do with […]

2015 East Tennessee History Fair

The East Tennessee History Fair, a great annual event in downtown, spread all around the center city this past weekend. In addition to the activities centered on Krutch Park, walking and bus tours took participants in a number of directions from that point. From historical dog contests to children’s activities, from music to movies in the Tennessee […]

Urban Churchill Ghosts

The title is a mash-up because the day was a mash-up. It’s the kind of juxtaposition that enriches an urban environment and sometimes leads me to connections I wouldn’t otherwise make. Days like this past Tuesday display the textures of our city and make me feel good about what we have to offer. The Urban […]

East TN History Center: There’s a lot Going On

Urban Girl and I have been hanging around together a lot the last couple of weeks and it’s caused me to take some fresh looks at some things I’ve allowed to blend into the background. One of those is the East Tennessee History Center at 601 South Gay. I’d heard from my friend Mary Pom […]