COVID-19: Checking In with Pete’s (Plus More Business Updates)

Today, we’ll check in with Joey Natour, co-owner of Pete’s (with his Dad, Pete) to see how their last few weeks have played out. Every business’ journey has been a little different. We’ll also continue our look at downtown businesses and their current status. But first, here’s Joey (lightly edited for flow): When Covid-19 first […]

Downtown Business Openings 2017 – 2019

A friend and reader recently called my attention to some numbers and facts about downtown businesses that had been assembled by Downtown Knoxville Alliance (formerly CBID). I’m always looking for ways to frame what has happened in recent years with downtown businesses and living, and the Alliance has taken a look and gathered information from […]

Broadway Market Reopens at 900 East Hill Avenue

It’s been a circuitous journey for the “little market that could.” It started at 1328 North Broadway two-and-a-half years ago. The business moved just a few doors down almost a year later to 1322 Broadway, before leaving that location in search of a new home. It took over six months to land, but it has […]

Vine Furniture: Family Serving Friends Downtown For 75 Years

It’s not the flashiest or the trendiest business downtown, but it’s been quietly serving the city center and nearby areas for three-quarters-of-a-century. Founded in 1944 by George Hoffner, Jr., the business has remained in the same family’s hands throughout it’s history. The story really goes back another generation. George Hoffner, Sr. owned City Furniture Company […]

Geezers Brewery Prepares to Open Tasting Room on 5th Avenue

Geezers Brewery has been a growing presence on the Knoxville Craft Beer scene for years in one form or another as they’ve grown and evolved organically. Their passion for home brewing and mountain bikes, developed into a blog in 2010. That eventually gave way to a focus on the brewing and on developing a long-term […]