Clinch River Brewing Not Coming Downtown: Property Purchased and Available

It’s been a long and twisting journey for the bottom floor of the Holston building at 531 South Gay. While the upper floors are one of the strongest success stories in downtown, having been converted from offices to condos in 2005 by a group including David Dewhirst, they are bumping $400 per square foot in […]

Three Questions Answered and a Couple of Other Random Pieces of Information

One of the fun things about doing what I do is that people are always running into me and saying, “Hey, quick question . . .” It leads to some of my favorite conversations. Often the person asking the question about a random downtown topic knows more than I know, but they assume I have […]

What’s Being Built? How’s It Coming?

Given the intense interest in new construction and some conversations I’ve heard recently indicating people have missed a few construction announcements along the way, it seems helpful to sometimes review some of the projects and report on their progress. So, here, in no particular order are some of the projects which are currently underway along […]