“People Where They Are” Speaks to the Past and the Present

Set in a very divisive time in history, six people gather and explore their shared and different experiences. On the surface, they should be on the same side. But they each believe so strongly in their own reality that initially they can’t see the commonality. Each maintains their own stereotypes and generalizations even as they […]

“Detroit ’67” Begins a Short Run at Clarence Brown Theatre’s Carousel Theatre

As I walked down Gay Street last night, I heard a song from 1968 blaring from a car window and looked up to see a roughly twenty-year-old young woman singing along to each word. It was a hit about thirty years before she was born. Thirty seconds after she passed, a cyclist, also in his […]

A Challenging Tale, “Alabama Story,” Opens at the Clarence Brown Theatre

While Alabama Story¬†(currently being staged by Clarence Brown Theatre)¬†playwright Kenneth Jones refers to the setting for his play as the “deep south of the imagination,” for those of us familiar with the deep south – and particularly a deep south of an earlier era, the setting could not be more realistic. The play itself, in […]