Two Market Square Businesses Will Not Re-Open

We knew there would be businesses which could not make it through this difficult stretch or simply decided it wasn’t wise to try. A number of the businesses which will shutter will have a range of reasons. For some a closure was coming in any event and the pandemic simply coincided with the closure or […]

Knoxville Chocolate Company Opens at 29 Market Square!

Right on schedule, as I first reported in September, Knoxville Chocolate Company has opened on Market Square, moving from its long-term home in the Candy Factory. While they technically opened in the last weekend of 2017, I’m going to call it the first opening of 2018, as it was New Year weekend. When I finally […]

Knoxville Chocolate Company Coming to 29 Market Square!

A Market Square location has been a dream of Brad Hamlett’s for a long time. It will be true this December when the Knoxville Chocolate Company moves to 29 Market Square. Originally from Knoxville, he began making chocolate when he was a teenager, working for a chocolate shop in Florida for six years before returning […]