Open Streets and Long Table Dinner Tell a Knoxville Story

It’s one of those days in the city that goes a long way toward encapsulating who we are. There are events every day, of course, and all of them combined create a narrative that shows our values and interests. This one seemed to get at the heart of who we are – from cycling to […]

Open Streets Moves East – The Clouds Part

It was a slow start for Open Streets Knoxville this past Sunday. Rain had fallen all morning and after walking from home to the route on Magnolia, there was a notable absence of people. To be fair, I was a few minutes early, and I was soon joined by my friend Kristen, but as we […]

Open Streets, Spring 2016

The second Open Streets Knoxville event could not have ordered a more perfect day. With sunshine and temperatures in the sixties and low seventies, it was picture perfect. This time around was different for everyone – more time and distance – and for me, it was very different because I wasn’t flying solo like the […]

Open Streets Knoxville Returns This Spring

As intimated last fall, Open Streets will return to Knoxville this spring and the route will be similar to, though a bit different from the last run. Last October’s event was a success by any measure, with about 3,400 Knoxville citizens taking to the one-mile stretch of Central Street from the Old City to Happy […]

Knoxville Gets Its Move On: Open Streets 2015

It felt a little weird at first, didn’t it? I think maybe more so for those of us who are often pedestrians. Walking on a sidewalk and being very cautious when walking in the street are critical at a primal survival level. It’s hard to unlearn something that hard-wired, even if only for a few […]