Hot Town, Summer in the City

Is summer almost over? Am I the only one wondering? According to the calendar we are not quite a third of the way through. By the measure of a traditional school year — with June, July and August being summer vacation — we are over half way through. Don’t use that logic on a modern-day […]

Baseball, Wilderness, an Early Farewell (and Taxes!)

I recently took a walk from downtown to the future site of the Urban Wilderness Gateway Park. The occasion was Mayor Rogero’s final State of the City address. It wasn’t exactly a “farewell,” as she is in office the rest of the year, but it felt a bit like the beginning of goodbye. I walked […]

Baseball, Fires and Development: More Updates

I’m going to take another shot out rounding out some of the dangling stories, but as I’ve begun listing them, I realize there are so many that I may not get through them in this article. Some are potentially large, while others answer questions readers have thrown my direction, but which don’t really need a […]

Baseball Comes to Market Square and Urban Guy gets Schooled

In an manner of speaking, baseball did take over the square for a little while on Wednesday evening. I mentioned it on my list of coming events last Sunday and, even then, I acknowledged I had no idea what was planned. The notice I found on the city’s site simply read “Amateur Baseball Opening Ceremony.” […]