36 Market Square Reacquired by the Wests Twelve Years After it was Seized

Dating to around the 1882, 36 Market Square has seen all the various phases of the square, from bustling to dead to bustling, again. Jack Neely in an article for Metropulse noted, “One building that catches the eye of architectural students is on the Square is northeast corner, with entrances on Market Square and Wall […]

Tommy Trent’s Old Tyme Sports Bar to Open Soon

It’s not as if Scott and Bernadette West need something more to do with their time. In addition to operating Preservation Pub and Scruffy City Hall and, along with family, Uncorked and Earth to Old City, they’ve got construction underway at 26 Market Square for Bernadette’s Crystal Barrooms set to open in September. They’ve also […]

Business Updates and Changes, Plus New Unofficial and Slightly Twisted Walking Tours

Downtown in this era is a constant re-working of a giant jigsaw puzzle of shifting shapes. At the vortex of much of that change has been the West family and their various enterprises. Their businesses on Market Square currently include Uncorked, Earth to Old City, Preservation Pub, Scruffy City Hall and Market House Cafe. Changes […]

Market House Cafe Opens Today at 36 Market Square

It was a year, a week and a day ago that Orange Leaf Yogurt vacated the premises at 36 Market Square very suddenly. Just a couple of months later a handshake between Scott West and Ken Mills set the course for a new West family business to assume the vacant space. While the precise make-up […]

New Business Coming to 36 Market Square!

It didn’t take long, which is in itself an indication that there is no need to despair about downtown when a few businesses close. Orange Leaf Yogurt closed at the end of 2014 due to problems which had nothing to do with Market Square, downtown or even Knoxville. Still, coming with all the other closures, […]