Tern Club Cocktail Bar Coming to 135 Gay Street

Co-owners Ryan Shanley and Jocelyn Morin have announced plans to open Tern Club, a neighborhood bar with high-end cocktails at 135 South Gay Street, most recently the home to Sugar Mama’s. Named as a tip of the hat to the Stork Club operated by Ryan’s grandfather, the couple hopes it is a comfortable place for […]

Bat N Rouge, a (Sort of) New Business Set to Open at 109 S. Gay

When I saw the sign go up recently on the 100 block of Gay Street in the Hubris Building being renovated by Jeffrey Nash and the Courtland Group, I assumed it was a new business to the city. It turns out it’s been around ¬†for a while, but it hasn’t been so obvious to most […]

The Missing Link: How to Connect the Parts of Downtown

Ed.: As has been the case in the past, David Denton joins us today with an exploration of a relatively simple way to connect the Arts District and Old City to the Gay Street/Market Square Area. Short of what we really need to do, restore the 200 block of Gay Street and tame Summit Hill, […]

One Business Closes, Another Moves Farther Out

The 100 block of South Gay Street is one of the few places downtown that people refer to by its number, often leaving off the name as unnecessary. It’s really the only block I’ve heard people reference this way until recently when the “700 Block” gained some currency due to the protracted construction there. I […]

Sugar Mama’s Will Soon Open on the 100 Block of Gay Street

  In the time since the founding of Sugar Mama’s Bakery, the business has grown so rapidly that owners Hannah and Mike McConnell felt compelled to find a brick and mortar address to enable them to continue to develop their brand. Operated thus far from their home, they will soon (they hope by May) move […]